Shaft fitting, floor, specify shaft diameter

Product no.: MUBOD

Delivery Period: up to 30 days

Price plus VAT, plus delivery

Possible delivery methods: Switzerland to U.S.A., Switzerland to Germany, Switzerland to Europe (EU), Switzerland to World 1, Switzerland to Russia, Switzerland to Europe (non EU), Switzerland to China, Switzerland to World 2

Floor attachment for shaft

The holder is screwed onto the floor and the stand is then put over the cylinder and thus is only for specific shaft diameters. To attach the stand above either a wall or ceiling attachment is necessary.
Diameter of the shaft:

  • AROBE (ALPHA) / AROBO (OMEGA): d = 108 mm (4.3″)
  • ASABA: d = 80 mm (3.1″)
  • AROBI (GAMMA): d = 72 mm (2.8″)

Tall stands (up to 6 m (19.7′)) can be delivered with the fittings MUBOD, MUDEK or MUWAN which fix it permanently to the floor instead of with the standard movable base.

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